About Christina Chan

Writer/Editor/Idea Catalyst

Content Marketing Consulting and Coaching


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

-Albert Einstein

Creativity stems from an unapologetic dose of imagination. It is my belief that this sense of inspiration and play can readily be applied to all aspects of writing, content marketing and design.

I’ve fielded a diverse career path over the last two decades. From working in the architecture field to dabbling in graphic design and then writing for children’s publications to arriving in content marketing, there’s a bit of a zig zag feel to the work I’ve done.

It’s when you look deeper, you might see my choices have been threaded by a love of bringing a new idea to fruition. Using an instinctual thought process, my mind naturally looks for the possibilities in every scenario. My strengths lie in visualizing alternative paths, coming up with new ideas and identifying the right language to convey an idea to an audience.

On a practical level, this can be applied to producing innovative solutions to old problems, looking for more cost-effective ways of doing things, targeting a new market, redefining voice in content marketing and reimagining a cohesive design theme.

If you’re a real estate or architecture agency/office and you’re looking for a new solution to a problem, I look forward to collaborating with you on your needs and helping to propel your business further towards success.


Official Bio

Christina is passionate about personal growth and continual learning. She has over a decade of writing experience and maintains her knowledge of book and content marketing practices through ongoing education. In addition to writing, Christina comes from a design background, both in architecture and graphics. She has an intuitive sense of composition, scale and color. 

While serving as Chapter Leader for the Los Angeles Nonfiction Authors Association from 2016-2017, Christina created a space for authors, entrepreneurs, and screenwriters to come together and share ideas. She is also a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) and the current Membership Renewal & Retention Chair.

Christina embraces the notion that when someone is aligned with her core values, it's where the magic happens. By employing her services as a content marketer who helps businesses create the media they need to grow and attract the right clients, she hopes in some way, to have a positive impact on others.

The interior of a kaleidoscope houses multiple colored pieces and the internal mirrors reflect those pieces into a beautiful work of art. Mix those colors up an infinite number of ways and each resulting design is a unique translation. At Kaleidoscope Content, I turn those unique pieces of you and your business into an arrangement that represents who you are and the message you'd like to convey. 


Ten Random and Real Snippets About My Life

1. I’ve traveled to eight countries. Using the first letter of five of those countries, you can spell China, one place on my bucket list.

2. One of my favorite weekend pastimes is taking hike/run on a familiar outdoor trail with my pug.

3. I completed the Advanced Professional Program in Screenwriting at UCLA, have written several scripts, and have had a previous story read by major film production studios.

4. I’ve done the theater thing, acted in commercials you’ve probably never seen, and once did a photo shoot for a coffee creamer company (subjects were picked in part based on the impromptu art pieces created).

5. I make staying centered a priority. I look within first for answers. Meditation is my tool of choice.

6. My high school swim test was traumatic. They had to fish me out of the pool with a pole. I have since overcome my swimming fears and swim laps on a regular basis.

7. I got a brown belt in karate (years ago). Then I went on to train in Muay Thai (years later). I consider myself pretty much retired from the world of martial arts.

8. I got eight-tenths of the way through my architecture license. Then I just decided to stop testing and made the switch to writing. Know when to fold, as they say.

9. English was not my first language. Cantonese was. I’m quite certain my command of the English language trumps my current foreign language facilities.

10. My maternal grandmother lived past her 100th birthday. If I’m only so lucky to live a full life like hers and become a centenarian, I’ll consider myself very blessed.