Why Personal Branding Still Means Keeping It Real

Lately, I've been exploring the idea of personal branding. My initial reaction to the concept was that it at first seemed a little superficial -- like the creation of an uber-photoshopped image that's a distortion of reality. But then I dug deeper. Because you have to, if you want to define your own personal brand.

Creating a personal brand involves really exploring who you are as a person, what your strengths are, what you're passionate about and what your mission is, for starters. And then the next step would be to take that amalgamation and choose how you'd like to share your story with world. That story can involve the likes of a website, video and social media from Facebook and YouTube to Twitter and Instagram.

Personal branding can be useful for job seekers to set themselves apart from the pack. It can establish the reputation of an entrepreneur amongst an industry network. It can convey a consultant's value to a potential client. And a successful personal brand helps to promote you, the real you, to an audience you'd most like to reach -- employers, customers, colleagues or whoever it is you're trying to target. 

Presenting an authentic personal brand to the people who are interested in what you have to say. I could be down with that.