How to Decide on Your Blog Content

I find it fairly ironic that I've decided to make this first blog post about how to decide on what to blog about, even as I'm honing in on my own content. As a writer, I've always written for other outlets. Need a magazine article? Sure. I'll pitch an idea based on the readership and the topics covered in that issue. Creating a blog post for an industry-specific audience? Okay. I'll dig up something that's current and buzz-worthy.

But write for my own blog? Where do I start? What I did do is look on the Content Marketing Institute's articles on creating content and I found "21 Types of Content We Crave". The post cites things like content that makes us cry and content that reminds us that life is short as things that universally speak to audiences. I doubt I'll make anyone cry tears of sadness or otherwise. But I think the jist of what is being said is people like content that moves us in some way or inspires us, even if it's just in theory. Or maybe even better, what we read prompts us to actually go out and take action. Creating great content comes down to a level of storytelling. Reading something informative is great. But people want to feel something. Be surprised. Be able to root for the underdog. It's almost just like what makes a great movie.

My takeaway from all this? When it comes to deciding what to write on your blog, you can: 

  • Read.
  • Learn.
  • Look around you. 
  • Be inspired.
  • Be moved.
  • Then think about sharing that with others.